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Originally Posted by HighCaliber View Post
I was off the past two days so my stats are off a bit........

I got approximately 16hrs 40min with the backlight all the way down (I was using it indoors without overhead lighting) on my first charge up. I downloaded about 4.5gb of apps and started every app to make sure it functioned.

Yesterday I got 14hrs 56min of heavy app & download use, with approximately 25%-40% backlight in assorted overhead lighting situations. I was also at a house party and everyone wanted to handle the GN2. A few S3 owners even asked to S-Beam some pics which worked flawlessly. What a good time.

Today is my first "real life" day with the phone. I am going to work right now and the phone has been off the charger since this morning at 10am. I get off at midnight and usually talk 1hr-2hr a day during work. I will post my findings.

I hope this helps.
This is really encouraging. I'll be using it on LTE pretty much all the time, and I'm hoping to snag a Seido extended battery within the month. I use my Samsung Galaxy Nexus with their 3800 mAh extended w/NFC and it's been amazing. I consistently get about 14-16 hours with moderate use currently. I'm hoping I can get at least the same with the note 2 and an Extended. But the CORE battery lasting that long is great.
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