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Default I would like to help test this

Originally Posted by stane1983 View Post
!!! For f16ref users only !!!

Hi to all,

I need testers for ATV-108 rev2(f16ref) / ATV-102 for new firmware.

- Wifi driver updated to latest Realtek sources
- added 3G dongle support
- Upgrade app replaced with Upgrade (under development; only Local upgrade works)

For all of you who had wifi issues with f16ref, please report if this firmware solves the issue.

Firmware can be downloaded from here.



There are USB issues with latest Android sources, working on that too...
Just purchased ATV-102 directly from Visson, and found your latest FW at V-Play section " ".

With stock FW, I have trouble with SAMBA and UPNP connection to my XBMC box. Instead I use cifsmanager from google play to get the shares from XBMC. cifsmanager lets the ATV-102 see and play the files, but video performance is bad on the legacy A/V output--it looks like lots of dropped frames for shows which play OK on XBMC.

So, time to try some better FW!
Test will be try to get SAMBA, UPNP, & CIFS connection to XBMC, then play videos and also connect to Internet under your FW all using WiFi and HDMI and report results.

Normally the ATV-102 will use legacy A/V and RJ45 because the cable is close and the AP is far, and the TV is old... So, WiFi+HDMI test works I will report results for the legacy connection style as well.

After again reading your instructions, I will confirm my platform by "DeviceChecker.apk", then flash using "" once confirmed.
If I make any gross error, I hope to recover the original FW by "" and "6-29 M3 new firmware(ROOT权限).rar" per your post on 6/29.

I will try this on SAT and report back before Mon--depending on whether I have to work this wknd. If you have any suggestions what you want me to test (or if I am too late and this is a waste of time), please give a shout.

Thanks for all your hard work, and I wish you success in your business selling these in eu!

OK, I tested it last night...

Tried 8/7 firmware in hopes of resolving dropped frames, but I guess this is part of the video HW, not FW.
Firmware is slick; I like the setup wizard--it's great for the Android noob like me!
Thanks for all your hard work & I look forward to upcoming releases!

FWIW, here's notes from last night's test:

RJ45 in TV Box doesn't like DHCP; static IP works fine, so no probs for me
WiFi and HDMI both work GREAT.
V.Play.Net app seems (Guessing here.) not to like numeric in share names.
Intermittent loss of connection to USB keyboard & mouse.
Otherwise, works GREAT so far; I downloaded factory 9/20 justincase but I will keep Stane 8/7.


SAMBA server is XBMC connected by WiFi.
Other devices on network include phone, laptop, netbook. All DHCP & internet access; both RJ45 & WiFi.
WiFi is pass-through (AP only ) mode; wired router TP-Link TL-R860 does the DHCP & internet gateway.

1. Confirm performance of factory firmware & CIFSManager from google play:
Playback by A/V & RJ45 drops a lot of frames
Playback by HDMI & WiFi does not drop frames
2. Verify DeviceChecker before flash Stane rom:
Model: MBX2.0 Board
Brand: MBX
Name: f16ref
device: f16ref
board: f16ref
3. Update using
4. First, try to add shares in TVBox using V.Play.Net app
Verify SAMBA server functions by windows XP can connect to all shares by WiFi and RJ45; both OK.
TVBox connection is HDMI and WiFi:
In TV box, add 3 SAMBA shares
2 shares work OK; cannot connect to one share "". Because of the "2"???
In SAMBA server, changed share name from LaCie2T to LaCie then killall -HUP smbd
Still can't connect. Note filesystem label is _LaCie2T and mount point is /media/_LaCie2T
umount, rename, mount so it's now /media/LaCie, then update smb.conf & restart smbd.
Now TVBox can mount all 3 SAMBA shares OK.
5. Videos play OK, but I lose connection to keyboard and mouse a lot.
Ordinary USB keyboard & mouse; unplug/plug-in restores. But then loses again, so repeat...
6. Power off TV box and now connect by RJ45 and use A/V connector (not HDMI)
Much, much problems connecting until I disable DHCP in TV Box. Static IP seems to fix it.
7. At this time, I can play videos by RJ45 and A/V on my old TV, but still there are many dropped frames.
Dropped frames are present in both the factory FW and Stane rom, so I guess this limited by hw?
Also, keyboard and mouse seem not to drop out this time. Why sometimes and other times not? Dunno...
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