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Originally Posted by wildkitten View Post
Sorry, but I don't have the headphone whine. If it was the fault of ICS then EVERY Bionic would have the headphone whine. If it was the fault of the phone in general, then EVERY Bionic would have it regardless of the OS.

Likely what it is is one of two things. Either there is some incompatibility with headphones being used that are too sensitive to whatever sound settings are used, or the headphone jacks in some of the Bionics were slightly faulty to begin with and can't handle some of it.

But stop blaming ICS for it, not everyone has it and if ICS was the problem we all would. Just like with every product made, there is going to be some defects with some individual models or even batch runs. Not every Nexus made is perfect, not ever Razr is perfect, not ever Galaxy S3 is perfect. Verizon should very well make it right for you and give you a new phone, but the constant blaming of the wrong thing is getting silly.
ICS brought back the whine. Would you prefer that I blame the postman, or the moon? geez. You dont' need to characterize my opinion as "silly". that's bordering on being rude.
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