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Hello all Apologies for my extended absence. My thoughts are with everyone in NY and NJ and everywhere else affected by Sandy. I know we've got a lot of New Jersians in here, I sincerely hope all of you are safe and sound. Here in Boston we got quite a lot of wind, but not as much rain as was expected, and everything was pretty much back to normal on Tuesday.

For the past couple weeks I've been at a new temp job that's about 20 miles outside Boston, I have to take the extended commuter rail out there each morning, and back each evening. I usually get up around 6, and make it back home around 7 or 7:30, usually just enough time to eat dinner and veg on the couch with the lady before going to bed to start the process over again. Unfortunately, I've had just about zero energy to do pretty much anything otherwise. I'm going to make a special effort to keep doing my news posts for you guys, but I think until further notice it'll be a weekly task. Hope everyone will be understanding. In the meantime, I've basically done zero checking of tech news over the past couple weeks - have I missed anything big? Your guys' turn to tell me what's going on! (IHateMyTreo, loved the RSRSS-style weird news posts, please keep doing those!)

Other than the new job and the storm, things are pretty good here. I'm still on Sourcery v2.2, but it's really started to lag my phone. I'm also having weird issues with my vibrate/silent/ringer toggle (I use the Elixir 2 widget) not staying in the mode I choose. For example, I'll put my phone on silent before going to sleep, but sometime during the night it'll put itself on normal, and I'll be disturbed by my email or text notification noise in the morning. Very strange. :/ Are people on the newest version of Sourcery satisfied with it?

Anyway, hope everyone here is doing well, I miss this place terribly as part of my regular routine, I promise I'll be stopping in more often. My mother is actually on her way in to visit from Chicago from now until Sunday, so I may again be MIA until around then, but perhaps when you all see me next I'll have a huge link post ready. Stay well all of you!
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