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New releases of Windows and other Microsoft products are a lot like rearranging the furniture in a blind person's home with the message that "it's just gotta be done". Things are shuffled around to unfamiliar places, many things that used to be 3rd party accessories get copied and made mandatory, a few new toys are added. But the basic functionality is still pretty much the same. And for that privilege you get to fork over a few hundred bucks.

I can't make a business case for the endless "upgrades" and the managerial dogma that drives them. In my own business, I just don't do things like that. I'm in business to make money, not to be an obedient consumer or to be entertained. It's that simple.

Things like living in houses, sleeping in beds and using heat to prepare food is the norm for the vast majority of humans. The rebels and dedicated followers of fashion are very small exceptions, and even they tend to come back to the norm sooner than later.

WIMP works, plain and simple. It doesn't need to be fixed, and attempts at making radical changes have worked about as well as sleeping in trees instead of beds. If something comes along that really and truly revolutionizes computing user interfaces, and really and truly sticks for a very long time, I'll be interested. But until then I have better things to do than being an obedient consumer.

Those who have the free time that they're fine with spending on entertainment, and the wealth to support that kind of lifestyle are welcome to do as they please. And I don't begrudge their choices. It's just not for me after spending a career of keeping up with the latest and allegedly greatest.
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