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I am 100% pleased with the improvement. I've had this device since the day after it was launched, and feel that it is now finally working the way it was intended.
-The connection problems I was experiencing appear to be gone.
-Overall, it seems to run not just faster but also smoother.
-I like how multiple app shortcuts can be combined into one spot on the screen. I was using Apps Organizer to do this on GB and always felt that it slightly slowed the overall responsiveness of the device.
-The camera also seems to work better.
-I have a lapdock and like the new desktop interface. It is much improved over the previous version.
-I actually like the new screen lock. For any who aren't aware, it can be unlocked in one motion by sliding to the right.

Minor Downsides:
-I had one App that I really liked called EarthNC lite (nautical charts) that wouldn't reload from TB, and is no longer in the App Store. Can't really blame this on the phone.
-I liked the previous version of the e-mail client better than the one that comes with ICS. I'm now back to using K-9.
-The Weatherbug temperature notification now barely shows up at the top of the screen.
-I liked the look of the old calendar better.
-I liked the look of the phone in the bedside dock under 905 better than on ICS. The new one doesn't get dark enough even once it dims after a few minutes. This negative turned into a positive as I found an app called Clock Dock that provides almost infinite settings, including display brightness and color.

I've seen little to no change in battery life. I am sure that part of this is because I'm "playing" with the phone much more than before. I'm running a motorola extended battery that I've had for about a year, and get about 18 hours worth of moderate daily use and usually have +/- 50% left.
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