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Originally Posted by NoClue48 View Post
Having read many of your posts regarding the whine in your headset jack, I would respectfully submit that you have a hardware problem and should work with VZW to get it fixed.

I have a later version of the Bionic (manufactured in early March 2012) and I do not have any audio issues.

if you have read everything as you mentioned, you would know that I'm just biding my time until the Note 2 comes out. i want a larger phone. I suspect, giving the rave reviews coming from countries all over the globe, that I'll most likely like the N2. If not, I'll get something else pretty soon. I'm not married to this phone.

FYI, I've had several bionics with the whine. a launch day phone. my wife's phone from October last year had the whine. the whine went away with the december update. fast forward to the ICS update--both my 3rd bionic (current) and hers, got the whine back.

read the posts from others with the whine:

note I'm not the only one. also note that a reset doesn't fix it, except for ONE person, so far. ONE person in the universe. amazing, eh?
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