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Originally Posted by SamuraiBigEd View Post
And a few improvements.

I like the ability to snap three different programs, one as a sidebar and two splitting the remainder of the screen, for this reason alone I may give it a shot.
Yeah, the boot up speeds are a lot better, especially. They have made it so that 'shut down' is really a semi-hibernation mode, so booting back up is really quick. (Although this means that only a deliberate restart will let you install windows updates). I also found that, with the actual hibernation mode, my PC is responsive almost instantly, whereas it would be really sluggish for several minutes after coming out of hibernation on windows 7.

It also has all of the features of Microsoft Security Essentials built into the OS, which is great.

That ability to snap different programs is one potential way I can see metro apps being useful - once some more interesting apps are released. Essentially, you can devote 1/4 of your screen as a sidebar to a metro app, and most of them support a narrow version of the UI for this. In the remaining space, you can either load another full scale metro app, or the desktop. The desktop can then be split 50/50 between two windows, as per normal in windows 7.
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