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Originally Posted by Phases View Post
…But I certainly don't agree that it would be considered identity theft nor inappropriate, unethical, etc etc, to do it this way.[indent]·
·[indent]Honestly, I think the severity of this is being taken a bit far. I mean really - this is a pretty minor thing to complain about. I'm not trying to disregard any feelings here when I say that. I'm just saying.. if this is the biggest thing we catch flack about this quarter we're doing darn well! Everyone knows they are ads when they see them. They clearly say it, and I think most people that live on the internet skim right by it if they don't want to pay attention to it.
If you want me to endorse a product, the honest an ethical means of getting that endorsement would involve negotiating with me the terms under which I would give that endorsement, the scope of what I am endorsing, and how much I will be paid for that endorsement. It certainly would include giving me the complete choice as to whether I even want my identity associated with that which is to be endorsed.

To stick an ad in a posting of mine, without my consent or knowledge, in such a manner as to imply that I endorse the content of that ad, is stealing. It is stealing my identity, and it is stealing an endorsement which, if sought in an honest manner, I might or might not agree to give, in exchange for an appropriate fee.

I am not someone who could expect to get paid very much for endorsing a product, not being anyone of great fame or celebrity; but I would certainly object to having such an endorsement stolen from me. Someone who was famous, and who could expect to be paid a considerable amount for a commercial endorsement, would almost certainly have cause to bring a very expensive lawsuit against you if you were found to be stealing an endorsement from him in such a manner.
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