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I'm not sure what else to tell you Bob. But I will say that the legal threat.. or observation.. or whatever that was wouldn't have any ground.

"Anything you post within this system becomes the property of Android Forums and the administrative staff. This includes regular posts as well as Social Group postings (public and private) and the private messaging system."

"You agree that the administrative staff of Android Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread, private message, forum, social group, or any other aspect of the site for any reason we see fit. You agree that the administrative staff has the right disable, ban, delete, or modify user accounts for any reason. "

That's part of what you agreed to when you joined.

And as shown here this is a pretty common practice. I hope these celebrities stay off the internet, so their peace of mind isn't blown into oblivion and they go around suing everyone.

This is a free site for anyone to use, and with that comes some amount of compromise. Adjusting to our ad scheme is a big part of that.

Now, am I saying we're giving you the bird and we're going to do what we want? Of course not! We're going to take this feedback and very possibly change the position of that ad to make people more comfortable. The biggest block there is probably just actually committing to doing it and getting it done. We have a billion things on our plate that take priority. I don't want to speak too soon, but I expect that neither of us truly care where that ad sits.

So feel free to remind me every so often till we either do it, or I tell you (or whoever) that we're going to stay as is.

But with that said, I'm certainly not going to sit here and argue with you about it. We've had speed bumps in the past and I don't want to go down this vs the man.. road with you again. Please try to remember, we are providing this platform for you and everyone else to use for free. We expect something in return, and probably the biggest part of that something is member compromise on ads. No one is being forced to accept it and forced to use this site. You have the choice. No one joins without knowing what they are agreeing to as we make it pretty clear.

Like I said though, we will of course be thinking about this and surely talk about it on our next conference call and decide something. We want our members to be happy, believe it or not. If we decide to move the ad, rock on. We'll move it and I'll post the same here. If we decide to leave it.. well, I will be happy to defend the position.

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