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Originally Posted by WDHohl View Post
Punk: you're a buffoon.
I am typing this on my Droid and look only at the screen. That said, I can't spell words like, 'schedual' 'contaguous' 'comentator' not because of my inability to push keys accuratly, but becauce of my inability to spell corectly. You should appoligise to the people in this forum for being cantancorus and intentionally quarlsome. It's rude and so are you. And so is using spelling mistakes. At least I'm aware of my flaws and am activly working to combat my dyslexia and mask it with a spell checker. You should consider an introspective look at your social interactions and get a crowbar to remove your head from your heind end while you're climbing off your tower.

Just wanted to note that the Google Nexus One (ATT 3G version) has spell check enabled by default and it is the best spell checker I have ever used. It is an active spell checker that works predictively no matter how bad I spell a word it gives me the correct option(s).
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