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Originally Posted by Risket View Post
I'm planning on leaving Sprint, getting the Nexus 4 and getting this $30/month web special plan. My question is, once I get the SIM card activation kit and go online to activate it, is there a way to transfer my current phone number over? Or do I have to go in to a T-Mobile store or do anything else to keep my number? My wife and I are both going to be making this move and we need to keep our phone numbers.

I would also like to know how good reception is in Las Vegas. Specifically in Mountains Edge, if anyone knows. I don't know anyone who has T-Mobile to be able to ask them. We've had a few people with AT&T at our house and they had pretty much no reception. We have Sprint and we're constantly roaming. Luckily we don't have roaming charges.
Once you've activated, just call T-Mobile customer support and they will help you get your phone number transferred. I believe you have 30 days after activation to get your number transferred but, obviously, the quicker you get the number transferred the better.
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