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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
AIRPOD POLLUTION-FREE CAR - powered by compressed air

But those in power will not want this to happen in the near future...too much money to be made from oil, which is going to run out in another 50 years or so.
LOL . . . i think those in power (whoever they are) know it absolutely will not happen. Like matter transmitters. the airlines do not worry too much, I suspect.

I remember being told we will have flying cars by now. So where are they? Huh? Where penguin are they? I'll tell you, big FAA got involved and killed them off.

I think the solution is to drill the hell out of the planet. Build plants to extract oil from tar sands and shale. We are sitting on vast amounts of crude oil, apparently. Perhaps we will run out. Then before you know it, someone will invent a butane powered hover car.
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