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That's not really something we've had the need to sort through, I can't speak on that until I talk to Rob and the legal team.

My point is - actual posts, editing of the posts, insertion of ads, these sorts of things we can do, and obviously do, without a fear or some crazy legal thing.

We do these things in best interest of the site. We edit posts when they break rules, for example. We reserve the right to edit them whenever we see fit, but we don't just go doing that for the heck of it. We don't edit posts to change the idea of what someone says to make it seem as if they were the ones to say it, etc. We're not malicious or have foul intent or looking to trick anyone.

We also don't take apps or code and claim it is ours, that would just be silly. But really all those sorts of things are outside the scope of this thread and not really something I should officially speak on until I talk to Rob.

Bottom line - we're not some crazy organization that is trying to trick the public or steal code or put in fine print that says we own your whole existence. We are reasonable in what we do and only aim to protect ourselves when doing what we believe is reasonable - against those few who do not feel the same way.

In no community like this does everyone see eye to eye with everything we or the mods do, so the fine print is put in to place as needed.

That said, those are great questions and I think we are at a point now, as a site, to really have the justification to get more specific with the fine print so that none of those questions are left up in the air. For both member base and site benefit. I'm going to request a complete makeover of the registration rules.
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