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Originally Posted by chrlswltrs View Post
I have actually dropped my GSII several times on hardwood floors and sidewalks and a few scratches, but that's it

Some people say it feels cheap, but the reality is that it is a really well built phone.
I just ordered this extended battery, cover, and TPU case(the case is halfway down the page).

Trexcell Samsung Epic 4G Touch 3800mAh Extended Battery Cover Sprint Only | eBay

The case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane
. Good price for everything, mixed reviews. I'll condition this battery before I really use it - install the new battery, use/drain it 'till the phone turns off, leave it off, plug in charger and wait till full charge, turn phone on, and repeat entire process until I get bored. Then do this once a week.

A good program for draining the battery faster is Juice Offender (not Juice Defender). Install that, check-mark everything except the vibrator and LED flash. I believe these can be damaged if they are left on too long. I use this program and can drain a full stock battery in less than an hour. I don't care what the manufacturers say, conditioning a cell phone battery helps.
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