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Ripping features they are. Team Sourcery has added (as optional mods) the camera & gallery - with functioning photosphere, the Deskclock (which SUCKS out loud IMO), and keyboard... complete with that swiping thing going on. Although reviews are mixed on it.

I may be a little more quiet and somber today than my usual bubbly self. Was in a wreck yesterday. No injuries, thankfully, just really P.O.'ed at the whole situation. My wonderful BABE of a 1997 conversion van lost everything from the hood down and the radiator out... and she STILL drives like a dream.

Thankfully I have comprehensive and collision on all our vehicles. If my insurance company tries to total her out I will throw absolute FITS. All she needs is a fender, bumper, grill and some lights. I'm mostly mad that she's not driveable for at least several days, until she gets fixed (and of course it happened on a Friday afternoon, so I have to wait out the whole weekend).

But while I'm ranting, what really got under my skin was my Darling Bride, who was in bed with a migraine. She had her phone right next to her... with the VOLUMES OFF!

I called her for FOUR HOURS! Fortunately, my son was working at a fast food restaurant (don't laugh, he's trying to move up to a career elsewhere) just a mile away... so I drove her over there and bought a large drink. Definitely got my money's worth out of THAT purchase, refilling it over and over again, until he was off work and I could follow him to our mechanic's lot and then he could drive me home. My kidneys may never be the same

No need to assume that things are VERY quiet and just a little tense here. But I WILL install an app or something on her phone so genuine emergency calls can override the silent ringer setting... that will not happen again.

/end rant

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