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I picked up Skyrim (on sale at Fry's) in July, and it was like crack for me for several months. It's the only game I would play, and I would turn on the xbox in the morning and start up the game, and before I knew it, I was looking out the window and wondering why it was still dark outside.

I finished the main storyline last month and while I did purchase the first DLC pack, I've been working up the courage to play again...

The only tip I can offer if your starting out is to investigate everything on the map if you have time. If I enter an area for a quest and I see places I haven't visited, I stop by on the way to the next quest. You don't have to venture into the area (cave for example), but if you get that quest later on, it makes it much easier to fast travel back to the cave instead of having to hop to the nearest point and then wander in the wilderness for a while...
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