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Question Not sure about switching to Android - I have doubts and questions

Hello everyone,
I am a long time iOS user. I have had a 3GS, and now an iPhone 4. I also have an iPad 2. These apparels are great, and iOS works very well, but somehow I am becoming less enthusiast because of the lack of real innovation in iOS since a long time. iOS 6 has poor maps app as everybody knows, and the iTunes match service is not working as I would like.
I am a gmail user, I have all my contacts and agendas in Google, I use Google Music (which works way better than iTunes match for cloud listening). I heard a couple of says ago about the Nexus 4, and with such a low price I am considering in switching to Android.
But of course I have questions and doubts for I don't know this OS. It would be great if you could help me !

- Fragmentation / stability : a common Android problem (or not ?). When I browse the forums and I see the incredible amount of phone models, I find it scary ! How do the apps can be working on so many devices, with so many processors, screen sizes, memory, etc. ? With iOS you have 2 / 3 models, but on the other hand I know that if I download an app, it will work. I tested Android on a crappy 99$ tablet, and the few apps I tried crashed everytime. Is it because of the apps, or the tablet ? Also on the Play Store there are many user feedbacks reporting crashes. These crashes may happen on some devices, and don't on other... How can the developers make 100% working apps ?
- Apps optimization : on iOS many apps are optimized for retina displays. On Android, with so many screen sizes and resolutions, are the apps optimized in terms of resolution (for instance, with the Nexus 4) ? Retina games for instance are really great to play and look at.
- Security : I read on some forums that there were anti-virus / anti-spyware apps on Android. Coming from iOS it is very puzzling to consider that I may have to install such a software on a phone (and what about the performances with a resident anti-virus running in the background ?).
- Updates : with iOS there are frequent updates for all devices. Will it be the same with a Nexus ?

Sorry for my many questions and many references to iOS, but it's the only ecosystem I know so far.

Thank you in advance
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