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Got my SIII A few days ago & I love it. I wouldn't say I have any problems with it, but just wondering if any of you are experiencing what I am. So first thing is battery life, It takes about an hour, maybe an hour & a half to get fully charged when it's about 5% battery life. My son was playing games on it last night starting at 100% (Wifi was off & screen brightness was at about 5%) & he played for about 35 minutes straight, the battery life got down to 80% after those 35 minutes. Does this sound about normal for the battery life? Also, I watched a few Youtube videos about this phone & Some users asked the S Voice a question like "How many days until christmas" and the answer it gave was the right answer. Now I asked the same thing, but it said "I'm sorry I don't have that answer would you like to search the web" So I'm not sure why It didn't give me an answer like it did for the guy on The video. Not sure if it's Just different Providers Or what. I have AT&T by the way. But just let me know how your SIII is doing & if you have any tips to save battery life or anything else. I usually have wifi on when I'm at home or school. When I'm inside my brightness is usually off or barely on. Power saving mode I also have that on. I use my Task manager to Close unwanted apps. I just wanna make sure this is a normal thing for the SIII, don't think mine has a defect but still, just curious. Thanks
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