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Originally Posted by stayboogy View Post
you're not understanding me...

this was on a phone that had NO third party apps installed--only what came stock on the phone... that's how i know it was Google related...
Let's see if we can figure this one out. Exactly what model phone and who is your carrier? Did you get the phone from the carrier?

Originally Posted by stayboogy View Post
what i'm saying is there is no doubt that Google was responsible for the ads i was getting in my notification bar... i had no user apps installed, not one. it was completely stock system. when google partner setup and google feedback were removed, the ads stopped.
Unfortunately that's a logical fallacy. It's similar to saying that if there was a bridge that was used by foxes to steal chickens and you blew up the bridge so the chicken theft stopped, the bridge was responsible.


in all my investigating, those two apps were responsible for what i was experiencing--everyday after waking up and taking my phone off the charger there would be an ad in the notification bar--usually something like "you won a free ipad," "act now and get a free $500 walmart gift card," or "click now for your free tablet." without fail. never had any ads any other time. those two apps got removed, specifically google partner setup, and the ads stopped. simple as that.
Google Partner Setup would most definitely provides a service to an app that allowed the ads to be delivered to your phone, but it wasn't the source. You just found a way to prevent them. Now, if disabling Google Partner Setup will have other consequences, I can't tell you.

What I can tell you is that I expect everyone to treat each other with respect and not get bent out of shape over this. We're here to help each other.
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