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Originally Posted by Sebbb View Post
- Security : I read on some forums that there were anti-virus / anti-spyware apps on Android. Coming from iOS it is very puzzling to consider that I may have to install such a software on a phone (and what about the performances with a resident anti-virus running in the background ?).
Pardon my French, but I am so bloody exhausted by apple and their users pretending that "security through obscurity" was/is an effective antivirus program. For years apple has buried its head in the sand and pretended that if they ignore malware it will deflect to other platforms. Back when all they had was the single-digit marketshare on the desktop this may have been mostly true - as hackers simply tried to infect a larger percentage of a larger marketshare to make their time worthwhile. But all it did was create a aura of ignorance and the pretense of invulnerability. But, before you think this is a mindless anti-apple rant....

CNET: Back in 2008 apple's marketing team removed a technical paper from apple's website because it dared to recommend anti-virus precautions in the face of their marketing to the public.
Apple deletes Mac antivirus suggestion | Security & Privacy - CNET News

ZDNET: apple continues to pretend there is no problem
Kaspersky denied iOS app: Apple buries its head in the security sand | ZDNet

CNET: apple is like any other platform. ALL are vulnerable (apple, Android, Windows, etc).
Apple's iOS and Android are new favorite malware victims | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Forbes: all of apple is vulnerable.
Yes, Apple's Machines Really Can Get Viruses - Forbes

International Business Times: There has been at least one well-known virus
Apple iOS App Store Gets First Virus: Learn About The App That Steals Your Contacts And Spams Your Friends

PCWorld: Even apple doesn't claim to 100% immune
Apple Quietly Pulls Claims of Virus Immunity | PCWorld
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