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Originally Posted by adi19956 View Post
Anyone else reading all of the reviews knowing full well they'll buy the N4 whatever they say?
Just me?
Yeah, i read the reviews and can't seem to buy into the "negatives". No LTE, no problem. If you're on Verizon or Sprint you can't use this phone yet anyways. Besides...

$299 unlocked, $30/month tMobile HSPA+ with a phone that matches top-specs and gets instant updates
$100-$299 locked, $80+/month (for 2 years) 4GLTE with a phone that comes with bloatware and late updates

No brainer.

glass back... people HATED the S3 when it came out because it was plastic.

no expandable memory or removable battery... this sounds good in theory but the majority of cell phone users don't swap out battery's and SD cards. From iPhones to HTC... i had a Note, currently have an S3 and don't own an SD card or spare battery. Chargering is pretty easy to come by for most.

Give me top-of-the-line specs, a good looking phone and timely updates and I may be able to curb my cell phone lust for more than a month or two.
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