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I was in your position two weeks ago and made the move from iOS to Android with the Galaxy S3 for many reasons, chief of which was the iOS 6 update and being bored with limitations.

Being able to change out batteries and SD cards along with a bigger screen made my decision that much easier. On the other hand, I've had more stability issues than the Kardashian family on a good day. It's a good thing I can remove the battery, because it's the only way I got my phone to respond after three crashes.

The one thing I miss most about the iphone is how polished everything is. Aside from the maps mess, it seems like apple goes to great lengths to make everything absolutely perfect in execution. Even though the S3 is lightning fast and performs like a race horse it still seems clunky, especially when you compare identical apps on both systems.

I took my perfect iphone to Best Buy and they gave me $175 on trade in on a $150 S3. Surely I could've got more elsewhere, but it was a snap decision. Like you, I also have an Ipad 2, so the hundreds I've spent in the apple store hasn't completely gone to waste.

No buyer's remose yet, but the crashing nonsense is a PITA and Samsung needs to get their s*it together and fix it without delay.
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