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Originally Posted by Taha763;[URL="tel:5168714"
5168714[/URL]]I have very basic questions:
(I am considering buying an Android phone, its my first one)
1. Is the android experience good?
2. Can all the apps get installed in SD card?
(I have heard not all apps can be installed on SD card)
3. I have been to the google play website and all the apps which I have seen the basic requirement is 2.3 or lower, if it is lowest requirement for all apps then why do people go for android 4 etc?

(Sorry by this post I did not mean to offend any one)
1) As others have said, it depends on the individual. Do you like to customize your phone. etc.? For me, I love android I have an Atrix 4G and even though its running GB, I love the phone and the experience with it and the accessories. You can choose between any number of phone designs, OS systems, storage space, specs, etc. (Variety)

2) It might depend on the OS and the phone you have. I use an app called "AppsSaver" which allows me to move the apps from the apps storage storage location, to the phones internal storage area. (I can't move the apps to my SD card, since the internal storage is labled as an SD card.)

3) Mostly because of the new features, look, stability and security updates.
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