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Originally Posted by towani View Post
...I want to stick pre-paid. Because VM uses all Sprint, I don't want to stick with them. I was thinking of trying Straight Talk because they mostly use AT&T. Although, I noticed they do have 1 phone that uses the Verizon network, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.

I really wanted to get the Galaxy SII they offer, but I'm wondering if I'm having bad luck with the Spring Tower, do you think my luck will be the same with the ATT tower since they are both equally far away? Or, does it possibly have nothing to do with distance? ...
Straight Talk branded Android phones use Sprint, with the exception of the Galaxy Proclaim, which uses Verizon.

If you're considering a Nexus 4, I would recommend getting it from the Google Play store. It will be unlocked and will work on either AT&T or T-Mobile. With that phone you could try either AT&T or T-Mobile via Straight Talk (or another MVNO that uses AT&T or T-Mobile), or go to AT&T or T-Mobile directly. If you want to use Straight Talk, you must get the SIM from them, but you can specifically choose an AT&T compatible SIM or a T-Mobile compatible SIM. The SIM you choose will determine which underlying carrier you use. If your first choice doesn't work out, you can switch to the other, but it will require a new SIM and new activation, so you'll want to do it at the end of a cycle.

Also, if you're porting your number, it might complicate things if you're switching between carriers within Straight Talk (I'm have no experience with this, but I wouldn't expect it to be a buttery smooth transition).

Also note that Straight Talk will work with a carrier-locked phone, but you would need Straight Talk SIM that's compatible with that carrier. This is primarily of interest to people who already own a carrier-locked phone.
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