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Originally Posted by hedgecore44 View Post
I lost copy/paste functionality at least a month ago on my US S3 from AT&T. I feel like it was right after the latest AT&T update. You don't realize how much you use copy/paste until it's gone. A friend told me not to go with Samsung because he said their phones always have some small bug, which are relatively small, but enough to drive you crazy. He had the original Galaxy, or Captivate, so i was like, "Nooo way, they are done with all those issues. This is the 3rd gen! Plus, I have not seen a problem yet!" He said, "Just wait..." goddammit. I waited... he was right. I hate having to admit it. Thank you, Samsung. So somebody has to ask, "How many Samsung programmers does it take to fix a 'small' bug and how long does it take them?"
Ditto. Hear hear.

Samsung have let themselves down....I never had much faith in the mark and HAD been let down before back in 2007. Nice phone but unreliable. Took the retailer to court and won.
All was forgiven with the SG3...but now I wish your friend had warned me too.

Samsung... your phone looks good, your "support" is crap.
Twice bitten, I will not buy your mark again.
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