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Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
The Galaxy SIII can out perform the Tegra 3 devices due to sheer power of its GPU. However, as stated, Tegra 3 devices have exclusive games and features. It's kinda like a PC vs XBox/PS3. A good PC can outperform the consoles, but the consoles have more options for games.
I know, I'm sure I just said tegra 3 has exclusive content. Not that I rate the exclusive content very highly, the exclusive titles are great but the added Tegra 3 content comes at the expense of performance and it's noticable.

My most played games are not Tegra exclusives however that could be because I spent allot more time on my phone than my tablet

I'm not sure your example is true, in fact i'm sure it's not, there are very few exclusive titles for consoles compared to the PC.
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