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Originally Posted by alsaces daddy View Post
Its 17 outside. Brrrr..
The high today will be a nice 76... and I am grateful!

Originally Posted by treb1797 View Post
Mornin' my good people.

K Lin : congrats on your anniversary. P'Lin is truly a lucky guy to have such a great wife.
Remember folks if you can, go vote today.
Thank you Treb... ! And I will be leaving here at 2 so I can do just that... VOTE!

Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Going to vote today for the first time since 04! Presidential voting in DC is pretty inconsequential, but since I have some time today, I'll give it a go.
Excited to stay up and watch the results. Thinking of cooking something rather "American". Dust off my meat grinder and make some fancy burgers.
Believe it or not... Voting is NEVER "inconsequential". There are numerous propositions etc on the ballet that need a ton more attention than the presidential election. Notions that may actually affect your lives. Make sure to know these measures, as it effects you local communities. *steps off soapbox*

Originally Posted by XplosiV View Post
Good to see people are well n all.

K'lin, it's hard being this good got a beef stew in the oven and making mince pies soon, very alcoholic mince pies
So, my address is......

Originally Posted by treb1797 View Post
Better check your post count my brotha...I should be asking you that question.

November is the last month of my companies financial year, so I will be in & out this month. Trying to finish the year strong as I gotta Note 2 to pay for.
How have you been my friend ?
O know... X thinks he can just trick you like that... We all know you read back!
I really can't walk the walk.... or talk the talk, but if you need someone to drink the drink.... I'm your girl!
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