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Hi Frank, and welcome to AF

I don't know the Canadian market, and a phone recommendation would depend on your preferences and budget. But I can have a try at the other question.

I don't think that a phone shop will modify your software. You can only remove system apps (and pre-installed stuff will be installed as system apps) by "rooting" the phone (in Windows parlance, getting administrator access) which voids your warranty. Hence why I don't think they will do that. However, I believe that recent Android versions let you (reversibly) disable system apps, so maybe that will be enough for you?

Certainly several third party launcher apps will let you hide apps from the app drawer even on old versions of Android. Unlike iPhone your apps don't all live on your desktop, so if you do this you can make an app invisible to you unless you go looking for it in the menus.

So I guess the answer depends on why you want to remove it, and hence whether you need complete removal, disabling or just hiding so it doesn't clutter you desktop or app drawer?
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