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Originally Posted by ironass View Post
Post #1

The latest firmware for North American/Canadian GT-i9100's is Android 4.0.3 which contains the UGLD3 modem. If, for whatever reason, this is no longer performing as expected, you can either revert back to Android 4.0.3 or its just a case of starting from scratch to see which modem works best for you.

As for re-installing the modem that came with your updated firmware, just Google which modem it was and flash it as per post #1.
Ok. If I wanted to revert to 4.0.3, is that a case of factory resetting the phone and using odin to install the file? (I already have it from before, but the OTA update took hold as soon as I turned the phone on.)

I tried the google search and it didn't bring up that modem, only other people's request for it on different forums. It did bring up some German and Spanish sites, but I cant read what it says so I dont know if the modem is contained there or not.

Can I install a 4.0.3 modem onto the 4.0.4 operating system? Or does that cause issues? You first post doesn't make that distinction, as it currently reads I should be able to install any modem with any operating system. I just want to verify this before I do it.
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