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Originally Posted by puzzlezz View Post
I'm game developer. And I have a lot of games available for Pocket Change implementation.
Really need your advice.
Does it make sense to implement it as much as possible?
Do you need any Pocket Change buttons in game or award dialog would be enough?

Hi, I'm just a PC user, not an app devoloper, but I figerured I would give you my own feed back.

I used to have a ton a PC games, but deleted most of them after the change. But when there are so many simular games out theremost wirh the same cost, I usually go for thr PC game. If the game is spammy, Then I delete it. There are way to many games younger kids would like with sex ads and such. Hint hint, please don't do it.

I don't mind the pop up, when you open a game and it brings you to PC store, but if you read the comments on PC in the play store, I think some people don't know or understand it, and may become hesitant. Personally I like how both Drago Pet and Alchemy Classic (Which I only installed because it was a reward from PC) handle both PC and ads. One clicking an ad removes them, the other, gives you a small in game reward for clicking the PC icon, its very small and not obtrusive. Those games keep me coming back every day. Even if they aren't my normal taste.

Would you mind me asking about your app? I seem to enjoy the apps more that the devolopers actually interact with the users. It makes it feel more personal and that users matter. Perhaps just because I live in Silicon Valley, and have so many programmer friends, I view the entire process differently. I also have great respect for those that are able to create apps, something I have wanted to learn for years to do myself.

also, for those that are unhappy with the current state of PC, I had about 10,000 coins when the change happened. Another user on this thread mentioned being able to change the MP3 to amazon credits. I did this and got about 50$ worth, now there is a a bunch of new MP3's availible and I am going to do the same again, with the 5500 coins I have. All isn't lost, I am still able to use my coins for rewards I want, even if it wasn't as originally planned.
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