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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
No bother. Graphs are pretty fun!

Well basically, there was never a big correlation with regards to the effect of solar activity. Increases in emissions have resulted in more CO2 in our atmosphere, thus more warming.

A bit after the Eighties I guess, but yeah. What's the relevance here?

But don't you see, you know that carbon dioxide is causing the Greenhouse effect! You recognise this. I'm sure you know that there has been a big increase in its levels in the atmosphere. You know humans are the ones burning! So why don't you see it? Like.. I can understand. Its not a nice thing. People are often the same when afflicted with serious illnesses.

But blaming humans costs far more money than it can earn people, that's the thing. Blaming ourselves is the hardest thing we can do. People never want to accept responsibility. If you commit a foul during a sport, or unbalance the boat while you row, you don't want that. You don't want to have caused the problem. You want it to be some other things fault.
Sorry, I am just seeing evidence of that particular separation between solar activity and temperature. All other evidence I have seen did not show this. What I have seen was the same movement between temp and solar activity.

The reason I mentioned Catalytic Converters was I thought they were implemented to "scrub" vehicle emissions and decrease pollution the same reason leaded gasoline was tossed to the curb.

I watch all kinds of science/educational shows on the Science Channel etc. and I have yet to see the information described in the first graph. Maybe I am watching the wrong shows .

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