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Originally Posted by charliecc View Post
I hate you google.

There I was, checking out the Nexus 4, thinking it was a very nice device but was too similar to my GNex to worry about upgrading, then bam, they come out with the price. If I trade in my GNex this thing is going to hardly cost anything. I hope I can resist.

With regard to the operators, this is really going to piss them off (well in the UK anyway, can't speak for the US and their disgusting oligopoly). The profit is tying new customers into a new contract for 18 - 24 months, now what incentive is there. As stated above, I see it's being offered for free from CPW on a 31 month tariff for 24 months.

That's 744, 600 minutes, data not specified, but I suspect would be 500MB. My 10 a month tariff gives me comparable usage and I can buy the phone for 280. Total cost over 24 months - 520. You'd have to be stupid to sign up to that.
Why would you try to resist if it would cost you hardly anything? I say go for it, but sell the G Nex soon before everyone hears how cheap the N4 is.

The UK has an oligopoly too with only 3 providers of 2G, 4 providers of 3G and only 1 provider of 4G, plus a load of carriers that use their networks.
US contracts are a lot more expensive because of lower population density so increased need to spend more on their networks.

LG is selling the N4 at really expensive prices to everyone except Google, that's why they're so expensive at CPW. I'm on a 10/ month contract with Three and get 1GB of data! Not bad
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