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Originally Posted by Jerome10 View Post
I'm not a big android power user but wanted to add my $0.02.

My phone is not modified. It was purchased unlocked in Germany in July 2012.

I had no cut paste problem since July. But some point after upgrading to Jelly Bean via Kies the last week of October 2012, I noticed cut and paste has stopped working. For me it is apparently only the paste that has malfunctioned. If I click copy or cut, I get the message that the item is copied to the clipboard.

However, when I long press to paste, I only get the blue indicator arrow, but there is no "paste" to actually touch.

Most importantly, a factory reset did NOT fix the problem. It seemed to go away immediately, but again today (3 days later) I went to use C and P and the paste is gone again.

So I am not convinced a factory reset is a solution. At least not for me.

I did send a note to Samsung Germany about the problem. Hoping official complaints will get this fixed quickly.

It is definitely annoying...
Hi Jerome10,
My problem is similar to yours, as it's now a paste problem.
In another thread, businessboi suggested using a free app Copy Paste (Anish Shrestha) as a work around.

It doesn't really solve the problem, but at least text can be copied and pasted to this app and then "shared" to the some apps, like gmail, sms and whatsapp.

I intend to survive on this for the next 2 weeks and then root my S3, if Samsung does not get back to me...

Unless Samsung solves this, currently rooting is the real solution.
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