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This is something I have never, ever heard of in android land. Sure, all phones have bugs, but the issues shouldn't follow you. The OS isn't designed that way. All of the phones you mentioned are running different "flavors" of android. As much as I hate to say it, the common denominator is you.

When most people receive a new phone, there is a standard set of apps they install. Many users have them backed up on a SD card to quickly restore. Others download them from the market. My assumption is you have an undesirable app that continues to be installed on your phone. You could either have downloaded and sideloaded an app from a pirated source, or you have found a bad app in the market.

Long story short, there is nothing specific I can do to help, because this is not a standard scenario. I would advise you to avoid some of the less than mainstream apps on your next install. Malware can NOT get on your device without you initiating.
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