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Originally Posted by mouettte641 View Post
I'm at the end of my contract with Bell in Canada and need a new phone. I don't mind switching to another carrier if needed, but would prefer not. I currently own an iPhone 3GS.

I'm torn between the Optimus G, HTC One X+ and Galaxy S3. I need at least 32GB, so no Nexus. I use my phone for browsing, light gaming (think Angry Birds, not super hi-tech 3D stuff), texting, watching videos, music. I want something relatively futureproof, since we're stuck with 3 year contracts.

My comments on each phone :

Optimus G : except for the notification LED around the Power button, I like the design. I also like the Q-Slide function and the UI in general. Technically the best phone spec-wise with a quad core processor and 2GB RAM. Not a lot of cases available as of right now. Available next Monday.

One X+: I don't like the design that much, but it looks solid to me. Great screen and camera, which is something I like. Apparently multitasking is sketchy? Beats audio could be a nice feature since I use my phone as a music player. Available before the end of the year and I would have to switch from Bell to Telus.

Galaxy S3 : A bit larger than the other phones, which is not great with my smallish hands. Slightly older hardware (no quad core). Removable battery could be useful. I like all those gestures like the tap on the top of the phone. Available right now.

So, which one should I get ?
I'd get the LG Nexus 4 over all those phones.

In terms of reliability (1 being the best, 3 being the worst):
1. Samsung Galaxy S3
2. LG Optimus G
3. HTC One X+
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