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Default Help Please - Android Home Screen Lost and OS Different

Hello new friends,

I am an inexperienced android device user. I own a Samsung galaxy S3 through Sprint. This evening while my son, 4.5 years old, was playing some standard games on my phone the home screen (and for lack of a more precise description the os interface) drastically changed. He claims to have been playing angry birds space, however he was playing one of the many Intellijoy apps for preschool development. I did notice the app kept freezing, the app was 'Kids Profession Dressing Game', however the audio would keep playing. My son kept complaining about not be able to turn the audio off. I think i had lock then unlock my phone several times to fix the audio/app crash problem.

That is the build up to my main concern/need for help. At some point in the evening my son managed to completely change the 'os interface' on the phone. I checked all my pics/music/videos/apps and everything is installed, however it is as if the system recently updated. My homes creen was void of the personalized placement of apps/widgets and a few new apps were on the home screen instead. They were called 'free rpg', etc, silly spam apps tht come with shady ad based apps. In addition to losing the personalization of apps and widgets, the planes that hold the apps/widgets has changed too. I replaced all the apps and widgets on the homescreen but when i restart my phone the widgets disappear.

I am Confused as to what my son couldve done that i can't figure to undo. I have had android.updates before none of which have cleared the homescreen and then placed new spam apps on the homescreen. Any advice on this matter is welcomed. I am not completely at a loss thankfully all my apps still work and data is still.there. It is just strange to have it working fine one minute then having a 4 year old reinvent your android system

Note: he has been playing the phone since i got it around 6 months ago. He plays angry birds, snes kirby, mupen64 mario64, pokemon, and recently these intellijoy games. The intellijoy game i mentioned earlier is new to my phone, freshly downloaded earlier in the day. There have been no problems like this before. The one instance something similar has happened is when i was running the 'knock off mupen' 64 emulator and it would automagically create these spam advertisement home screen short cuts very similar to those that appeared tonight. One of the main reasons i uninstalled it, then celebrated the return of the mupen 64 emulator. All politics aside, i would love an explanation, if at all possible from the information i have provided.

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