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Originally Posted by charliecc View Post
True, I should have added, the US networks appear to be operating in tacit collusion to keep prices artificially high. This, together with less intervention from a regulatory body, means prices are higher and choice is more restricted. I take on board the point about population density, but there's no denying the US telecoms requires much stronger regulation.

Anyway, sorry to go off track, this thread is about the Nexus 4. Yay the Nexus 4, I want one.
For a single person to have a smartphone in the US it is approximately $100 a month with AT&T or Verizon, $85 a month with Sprint, and $60 - $80 a month with T-Mobile on a 2 year contract.

With prepaid options through T-Mobile, subsidiaries of Sprint, or other companies that run off of T-Mobile or AT&T's networks you can get away with $25 - $50 a month off contract.

What are prices like in the UK?
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