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Originally Posted by Banished Angel View Post
For a single person to have a smartphone in the US it is approximately $100 a month with AT&T or Verizon, $85 a month with Sprint, and $60 - $80 a month with T-Mobile on a 2 year contract.

With prepaid options through T-Mobile, subsidiaries of Sprint, or other companies that run off of T-Mobile or AT&T's networks you can get away with $25 - $50 a month off contract.

What are prices like in the UK?
Well in my case I have a 12 month contract, SIM-only, i.e. no handset tie in, 10 a month (~$15). For that I get 300 mins to any network, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data per month.

In the case of a decent subsidized smartphone, you're looking at around 30 - 40 ($50 - $65) a month for the same sort of usage tariff, perhaps with an upfront payment for the top of the range handsets, maybe 50 - 150.

Just picking 02 (a mid-range operator) and the Galaxy S3 as an example, 36 ($58) a month, 50 upfront for the phone, unlimited calls, unlimited sms, 1GB data, 24 month contract.

Also worth noting, Consumer Prices in the UK are on average 29% higher than the US. So this seems to be bucking that trend.
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