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update ..Ok i think i got this

I used HDD Raw Copy Tool which is free from HDDguru website.
Part of this app is it allows the user to clone an sdcard where the drag and dropping of files is not available as in this case.

1. download the above app and install
2. download the fix Fix T-909.rar | Game Front
3. Open Hdd Raw copy tool and click Fle to use and explore to the downloaded fix (unzip downloaded file first)
4. A 1GB formatted microsdcard must be used
5. Select microsd card as destination
6 . select start
7 . Wait til finished

These next instructions are written on the card that came with the sdcard

1.turn off the tablet
2.insert the tf card
3 turn on the tablet
4.upgrade will start automatically
5.wait for upgrade to complete
6. once upgrade is complete ,it will auto turn off
7.remove tf card
8. turn on tablet may have to repeat this process if you have firmware problems in the future
this upgrade may erase all your database in the tablet.

i cant test this as my tablet is now fixed but it should be no probs as all were doing here is cloning the sdcard with a fix thats covers All t-909 s

I HAVE SET IT UP AS A TORRENT pm me for torrent file
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