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Default Can I Do This? iOS User About to Switch to Android

Probably a dumb question but I'm an iOS Jailbreak user about to say goodbye to iOS and get an HTC One X PLUS. It takes a lot of work to jailbreak and then install all the Cydia apps to get your iOS phone to work the way YOU want it, not the way Apples wants it to. Not having used Android, I want to do some due diligence to make sure there are no surprises.

I assume the "lockscreen" on Android (HTC Sense Flavor) is extremely flexible as far as what you want to see (had to use Intelliscreen X on iPhone to do this). I just want to see log of unread texts and maybe just counts of unread e-mail but that I can click on to open up and see the subjects. I'm sure this is no problem?

Most importantly, I need complete control over notification behavior. Unlike most people these days, my phone isn't in my pocket or by my side 24/7. I still use a regular cordless phone (with VOIP) in my house. Or sometimes I'm in a noisy environment and the phone is in my jacket pocket so I don't feel the vibration. So in the early days of iOS I'd miss voicemails and texts because I'm not constantly using/checking my phone! (iOS 6 has partially fixed this but I don't want the same sounds/frequency for all notifications types!) So I have my phone currently setup as follows (using a Cydia app of course):

Missed Calls: Play a tone, vibrate and briefly flash the screen once every 10 minutes for up to 2 hours.

Voicemails: Play a different tone every 5 minutes for up to 4 hours.

Texts: Play a different tone every 2 minutes for up to 30 minutes.

Between the hours of 10PM and 6AM, don't play any tones or vibrate for anything. But at 6 AM, start doing whatever the rules dictate.

Other thing is I can tether my phone to a computer when I have no WiFi WITHOUT paying for a tethering data plan. Granted I rarely have to do this. (I'm on AT&T)

Another feature is the phone will turn my GPS off when I'm connected to my home Wifi network (to conserve battery) and then turn back on when I leave. the house. Not a MUST-HAVE, but nice.

I spot checked some of my favorite apps to make sure they were on Android and a-okay, but not sure if the above features are available via built-in or an app. Seems like considering there are more Android phones being sold than iPhones, any developer would be an idiot to develop for iOS and not Android (why I think my question may be a dumb one in the first place.)
Windows 8 Phone is another (pathetic) story.
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