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Originally Posted by consultant View Post
I'm in the same boat. Been iOS for 3 years. And having to always jailbreak my phone to get the apps I want to make the phone work exactly the way I want it. Tired of waiting for jailbreaks. Been reading Android reviews for the past 6 months. Gut was telling me, the O/S-device combinations weren't "polished" enough yet to make the switch "low remorse risk." But then the S3 and HTC One X came out and I read and read and read and determined the HTC was best for me due to better display and Sense interface. BUT, I've got 16GB of music and AT&T only offered a 16GB version. Too bad. But then comes along the HTC One X PLUS with better battery life, better CPU, 64GB storage. BINGO. Just waiting day by day now. But I definitely won't sell my iPhone 4 until I've used the HTC a couple of weeks.

The story above about the guy's S3 crashing and having to remove the battery though is troublesome. Hard to believe the most popular Android Smartphone in the world would have issues where you need to remove the batter to cold boot it? Yikes! Still gives me pause at Android but with a return policy in place, I'm going to give it a try.
Cold booting by battery removal is a very rare circumstance with the GS3. I don't think I've had to do it on my GS3, except when I was playing around with system files and root and messed something up.
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