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Does your battery feel firm or is it puffed out and feels a little spongey?

If it feels firm, it's good to go and you should be fine. If it's puffy or feels not plug it in! Dispose of it via official battery recycling centers. It doesn't contain acid, but it does contain chemicals and heavy metals that can injure you and/or catch on fire. Do not just throw them out (because it'll catch fire in the trash just as easily).

Or replace it for the sake of replacing it.

PS: Rice does little to nothing for saving your phone. Rice does absorb water, but pure water does not conduct electricity. The sediment that is suspended in water conducts electricity. So, like when water is evaporated from the ocean to form rain, rain is fresh water because the salt was left in the ocean. Same theory goes here. The sediment is left behind (to cause short circuits) when the water is removed. You likely just got lucky that the sediment wasn't substantial enough to form a short circuit or has had the time to corrode internal components.
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