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Default I hate Android keyboards

i have a galaxy s3.

i'm a fast typer, but fast in the sense that i type out my entire thought letter by letter. i don't like the apps like swiftkey where if you type the word "hrllo" and obviously meant to type "hello," you have to select the word "hello" from a list instead of the phone being smart enough to change it for you. i want an app that sees common typos and changes them asap for you. why is that so hard?

i tried go keyboard, which was about the best thing for fixing 1 letter mistakes in typing of all the keyboards i've tried using so far. problem with go is that the editing of that thing is freaking horrendous. if you type a sentence and your cursor is at the end of the sentence but notice a mistake at the beginning of the sentence, the only way to get your cursor to the error is to select an entire word and delete it. otherwise if you select the area and start typing, all of your typing goes to the end of the sentence. i have no idea at all why this process is so ridiculous.

i paid for thumb keyboard on my tablet, but it doesn't work well with phones.

i tried swype, not my thing.

now i'm on iphone emulator. so far seems to be the best, but the keys are way too huge.

is there anything else you guys could suggest for keyboards? i have a windows 7 phone before this and it was so incredibly awesome for fast typers. if i wrote, "boy i wush i hsd a phine that cold typee wel fir me" it would write "boy i wish i had a phone that could type well for me." that's all i want! (for the record i don't actually type this badly, but i hate any typos in texting, even if it's woukd instead of would!).

thanks for any help.
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