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Originally Posted by SirSpace View Post
I'm Jeff Spicoli & I approve this message. Haha that's funny
And also when the bill does go into effect how does the government have the right to say its illegal when they didn't even vote on the law. I mean yes the government says its illegal but if your in those 2 states your fine so where does the government draw the line and let the state do what it voted on. Honestly I think if this does go to the court its going to be a long argument cause if you think about it the 50 united states make up our government so really how do they even have a right to say its illegal when its each individual state that I think should have the final say on what goes on in there state
Because federal law trumps state law, and according to federal law marijuana is still illegal. But the feds have some leeway on how they choose to react to this. They could choose to ignore it, or they could send federal agents into Washington to stomp on every hippie they see smoking a joint in the park. My guess is this will effectively be more of a decriminalization than a real legalization, meaning they probably won't bother with people minding their own business, growing a few plants, maybe even selling a little to their friends. If somebody tries to open up a weed store in downtown Denver, the feds are going to shut that down. This is just a first step. We are still a long way from it really being sold openly with taxes collected on it. BUT, it is an important first step. Especially if more states pass laws like this, the feds won't fight it forever. Plus I'm sure the government would love to get their hands on all that tax money. I'm not sure how many more little old ladies they can get hooked on slot machines to boost revenue.
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