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Originally Posted by Plaigh View Post
Just a suggestion... As I poke around looking for all kinds of things I noticed that there isn't a 'carrier' spot located on our profiles. I myself find it helpful to know who has what carrier because as we all know, not all carriers have the same service. (As you see, I added my carrier to my profile "illegally" LOL ) I feel it would be a plus to give & get advice while knowing who has what carrier instead of guessing. Yes, I could ask but I'm long winded enough, and do you really want to sift through all my ramblings AND some?

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Again, This is ONLY a suggestion that I feel would be helpful to us (mainly me ).

Thanks for clicking on this thread, reading some of it & going about your business
There is actually a suggestion box forum, here's a link:

Suggestion Box & Feedback - Android Forums

You might want to post there if this doesn't get moved there first, the people in charge do keep a close eye on that section and are good about considering suggestions. Doesn't seem like a bad idea IMO. Good luck!
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