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Originally Posted by XplosiV View Post
And here was me thinking superchargers were geared in such a way as they are always 'kicking in' as oppose to a turbo that has to rely on exhaust pressure to spin up... That was meant to be the plus side of a super, instant power, always there, just not as much of a boost as a turbo.
They are. They kick in faster and technically are always kicking in, as you say, but there are RPM levels that offer your maximum boost. Now that I have a larger pulley (my educated guess + hunch at this point) the boost is less substantial and hits those optimum levels at a slower rate. And also, superchargers don't offer as much of a boost as turbos, typically. They are also a bit more complex of a device, and if you blow one out, it is more likely to send metal shards through your motor, possibly causing substantial damage. Turbos have a more noticeable lag, but are a bit simpler and less risky of a device, and are capable of boosting substantially more.

Hence, it's no surprise that after 2007, all MINI Cooper S models came with turbos, and they stopped making them with superchargers. Aside from the turbo lag, it's overall a better system than a supercharger.

Originally Posted by kymberlin View Post
Ok....I'm lost ... maybe coffee will help?, Good morning
Lol. Basically your sparks ignite the gasoline, right? Basic combustion engine stuff. Fuel needs air to burn, however, so a key component of turbos and superchargers is their ability to put more are into that process. Basically more air and more fuel = go faster (or "boost"). It's really pretty simple.

Think of a two person bike, but the rear person engages in full force only when needed. Under normal relaxed operation, the front person pedals, but for going up hills, rapid acceleration, or to reach a maximum speed, the rear person will also pedal, "boosting" the force the bicycle chain exerts on the wheels, which roll down the road to you make you go.

Did that help?
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