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Default Alarm on Android Galaxy S 3 (Galaxy S III)

Alarms on Android:

I loved my Motorola Droid X. But I rarely used the alarms. When I did, it worked fine, but I had most notifications set to not make noise anyway. When I set the phone to Vibrate (Silent) mode, the alarms vibrated. Unfortunately, at the ripe old age of 2-months-before-eligible-for-upgrade, my Droid X died.

Now, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. And I have a need to have several alarms set to go off during the day. On this phone, you can set it to Silent Mode, you can set it to Vibrate, you can set it however you want, but the alarms still sound.

"Why would anyone want this to work this way? It must be a bug.", thought I. Then, in searching for a way to turn them off, I found the answer: It's for people who use the phone as an alarm clock, and turn off all the other sounds. Well, that solved one problem for me: I can turn off SOME of the %$#@! notifications that wake me up at night with the Silent setting. (And they only seem to come at night. "Hit OK to do the OTA update." Hey, if I were awake, I wouldn't need the piercing whistle. If I'm asleep, I don't want to wake up to hit an "OK" button! Just send this out during the day! -But I digress.)

What the heck? How do I turn the alarms to vibrate if I don't want them going off in the middle of a meeting? Apparently, you can set a zillion alarms, but they are only to be used to wake up with.

A little more research, and I *thought* I had found the solution. Audio Manager. You can set profiles! "Silent", "Vibrate", "Night Time"... whatever you want. Each profile sets the sound level for media, phone, alarm, and what-have-you separately. And you can schedule them to turn on automatically! I set my alarms to vibrate during my weekly meeting.

It. Didn't. Work. The developer said, "Yes, the Galaxy S3 Alarms use their own separate sound stream, so it doesn't matter how you set the Alarm sound stream." So... the stock Alarm app doesn't use the stock Alarm sound settings provided by the OS? (ICS)

So, I uninstalled AudioManager. Twice. And now my phone randomly puts itself on Silent mode (not at times I ever scheduled when AudioManager WAS installed) and the alarms don't sound any more. Ever. And phone calls ring, or not, randomly; regardless of whether the phone itself thinks it's set to Silent mode.

CAN ANYONE OFFER ANY HELP WITH THIS ONE? Is there something I can do to get regular function back on my phone? Some cache I can clear? (Rebooting hasn't helped.)

To some previous poster: For "universal phone search" on Android, download PowerSearch from the "Google Play Store". (Stupid name. I don't know about you, but I *use* my phone, I don't play with it.)

To another previous poster who is considering whether to keep or return their new Samsung Galaxy S3: Here are some problems you may want to look out for:
1) USB connection problems. (Takes me about 20 unplug/replug cycles to transfer 10 songs.)
2) Unlike older phones, no FM receiver.
3) Auto-dim happens randomly in steady light.
4) Setting to not use data on "foreign carrier" towers is ignored.
5) Setting to not blink LED when there are new/missed messages (of any kind, incl. email and text) is ignored.
6) "Silent Mode" doesn't shut off sound from alarms or some notifications. (See above)
7) "Driving Mode" doesn't turn on speaker phone on phone calls.
8) Phone does not detect whether output-only cable or output-plus-microphone cable is plugged into speaker (headset) jack. If you put in an AUX cable to your car stereo, the microphone will be disabled, as it apparently assumes you've plugged in the headset provided with the phone, which has a microphone. So you cannot listen to music or incoming phone calls on your car speakers and still talk to anyone on a phone call - or use voice controls for the phone.
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