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Originally Posted by lunatic59 View Post
I looked up the official Samsung OEM parts and they all seem to have the same 5.0V 0.7A output spec. While the 1A output is above what the Samsung products deliver, it's pretty standard for aftermarket chargers. What the increased amperage will do is cause the battery to charge faster and as a result, get hotter. Heat can damage sensitive electronics, but I would be surprised if it was hot enough to damage the phone.

If you are that concerned, then it's probably best not to use it. You can charge it through a USB port connected to your PC. USB ports deliver 5V and .5A. It might take a little longer to charge, but you'll be well under the specified amperage.
Great points.

I would like to chime in on some common misunderstandings though.

Voltage is forced, current is drawn as needed. A 120 watt light bulb draws 1 amp, but isn't damaged being the only thing on a typical 15 amp circuit.

Heating from aftermarket chargers would be caused by them being out of spec for voltage. The USB voltage spec gives a range, or window if you will. Many chargers have been mentioned hereabouts that our members have tested and found to be way out of line. I think that the highest I remember reading about was above 7 volts.

Another cause of heating while charging would be one or more runaway processes on the phone while charging. The phone always runs off of the battery, not the charger, as a safety feature. If this is happening, shut down or reboot the phone and monitor it.

Finally, overheating while charging could be caused by a faulty charging circuit on the phone or a bad battery. If your phone gets hot charging while turned off, and it never used to, stop! You have a fire hazard.

It's reasonable for a phone that can draw up to an amp to get warmer when charging on one amp vs 0.5 amp. The more power you draw, the more heat you'll dissipate (think light bulbs). But it's not ok to get hot.

Hope this helps!

PS - I use a 2 amp charger with multiple ports. Both my wife's phone and mine can charge at the same time, each drawing 1 amp. Also, either of can charge just our phones alone without overheating the phone or the charger, because it's a better unit and its voltage is dead on.

(And for any cringing, yeah, I used the slang amp for ampere, sorry. )

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