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Default Greetings To All...

Hello everyone, I'm new here.

I've been a mobile phone enthusiast for years, even before the "smartphone" category evolved. BlackBerry's, Blackjacks, you name it.

Had a Galaxy S (Captivate on AT&T) when first released, and despite the bugs I had a lot of fun and enjoyment with that model. It was my first Android and I enjoyed it more than any of my smartphones to date.

Next up, I decided to try an iPhone, just because I have both PC's and Macs. Had the iPhone 3 GS, then the iPhone 4. Both of these were fine, but a bit boring, not to mention the tiny 3.5" display which is my biggest complaint. I will be so happy to have a modern large display like the 4.7" on the Nexus 4.

Now... I'm so disgusted with Apple's outrageous behavior, the law suits and bully tactics, that I can't get rid of my Apple stuff fast enough... LOL. And that's coming from a guy that is a true tech guy, not a fanboi, but a true enthusiast. Working in a cross platform PC & Mac engineering environment, I was very platform neutral until Apple became the menace they've become today.

I've been following the Nexus 4 news and I'm _very_ excited.

It's the first smartphone that has everything I want, and nothing I don't... an amazing thought.

The lack of LTE doesn't bother me in the least, as HSPA+ on AT&T will do quite nicely. I like absolutely everything about this phone.

That said I do have one question, I came across an article regarding build quality concerns with the LG Nexus 7. Something about tape being used to hold some components in place and concerns of the long term ramifications.

Anyone have some thoughts and feedback on this?

Please see the link below.

Thanks in Advance

Nexus 4 Battery Shot Reveals Potential Quality Issues xda-developers
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